OK – so the parents of these two little ladies are possibly the most well informed music heads I know – they seriously know their ‘toons! So I trawled through my own music library, picked the brains of friendly music officionados and musically left no stone unturned. Still nothing seemed…right. Songs were too short, too long, too romantic, too twee, too rock, too country (although nothing can be too country for me). Then there was the question of taste…maybe they can’t stand jazz, maybe they have an aversion to all things folksy…holy cow, the possibilities and the limitations were equally endless. What to do! And then I heard this song…totally sentimental, utterly uncool and more than a little schmaltzy…but somehow…when you listen to the words…it works. Enjoy!

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  1. Clodagh

    As the mother of these two amazing little tiny dancers, I just want to thank Doreen, not only for the wonderful images, but for so beautifully capturing the true essence of each of their fantastic little personalities. I was in tears! Am blown away. And, the song is PERFECT!!!

  2. Podge Kelly

    Hi D…don’t know what to say…I don’t think any word cover what you captured
    here…I these were my two little angels….i’d be crying…..
    works on all levels…the images are fantastic….you did a great job…
    Music works….any parent with little girls will click with that song…
    Well done you….P xx

  3. Diane

    Doreen, These are brilliant as ever and so very full of life. How you make everything so simple and rich and beautiful is beyond me. If I had one once of your talent I’d be on my way………..thanks always for sharing this beauty with us!

  4. martha

    totally in tears. perfect music. incredible images – my faves being the backyard/trampoline/skipping away images. brilliant.

  5. admin

    Coming from you Martha – this is praise indeed – you’ve made my day! Those backyard ones are my favourites too xx