…as messing about with iPhonography

Its been on my to do list for some time now to create a little post dedicated to my growing pile of iphone snaps. From the fun of hearing the polaroid click and slide in the Shake It app to the delights of all the lenses and film types available with the ingenious Hipstamatic app…its pretty distracting stuff. As an obsessive photographer, I do have a confession to make – I’ve never been one of those people who can say they’ve carried around a camera with them since they were a kid. Not me. I’m either living in the moment – or I’m recording it on camera. Being or photographing. For this reason I rarely bring the camera with me on family excursions, parties etc. Not only does the camera create an instant barrier between me and everyone else, it also means I’m piling up even more image files that will sit in my inbox and make me feel guilty about all the editing that I’m not getting round to. However, there are times when I’ll be presented with a moment…a perfect moment…be it sudden and spectacular directional light, a field of dreams, colours singing, a graphic composition, a missing front tooth, a happy day…and its then that I feel the need for the camera at the ready. What better than the trusty  iphone, with all its oh so delightful and instantly gratifying apps. They even print out beautifully – if you stick to the smaller sizes. So for the past year I’ve collected quite a few little pics. Maybe they’re all very subjective. In fact, they are very subjective. But they mean something to me. Moments I’ll take with me. Beautifully edited, without me having to slave for hours over a hot desktop.

For those of you interested in finding out more, check out Photojojo’s hipstamatic guide It explains all you’ll ever want to know – or not know – about the multitude of lenses, film types and flash options. In the pics I’ve included here, most have been taken using the John S lens, and the film types are a mixture of  Ina’s 1969 film (rounded edges, off white border and a polaroid look to the image), japanese float film (a ttv effect – like looking through a dirty brownish window, with a speckly black border and rounded edges) and Black Keys B&W (monochrome with rough black frame within white border with date stamp).

Music chosen for no other reason but that it is from the beautiful soul that is Simone Felice, of The Duke & The King


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  1. aoife

    love these pics Doreen, David is a big fan of iphotography – he takes great snaps where ever we are, must get some of his printed off. your daughter is such a beauty and your boy – those eyes! wow.

  2. ailin branagan

    Another visual feat D…the music is beautiful Water Spider?..just perfect.
    Love the image of Elsa ( black & white )with her hair billowing…and Jamie’s the perfect Strandhill Warrior in the stunning pic of him with the arrow, against the stunning sky backdrop..

    LOVE these XXXXXXX