Engagement shoots aren’t really my bag. I think its a lovely idea – but I find it hard to get my head around being all loved up on purpose – to make pictures. As a photographer I cringe a little at the idea of being the one to coax and cajole a kiss or two. However – this particular shoot was nothing short of a delight. I literally didn’t have to do a thing. No schmoozing – no coaxing and cajoling – a little direction re lighting and composition – and it all just fell together so perfectly. OK – so it helped that we shot it at my studio which has the most killer lighting and natural features. It also helps that these two loveliest of peeps are very easy on the eye. But actually I think what really made it sing for me was that it was just so natural. Just a boy and his girl – bonkers about each other – and totally unable to hide it – even cynical old me just had to sit back and smile broadly and go – Yaay for true love ways.

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  1. Podge Kelly

    Beautiful selection of images D…..I am sure the couple will love each and everyone of them…They look so relaxed and happy…P

  2. Kate Macklin

    Wonderful photos Doreen. I’m sure it helps that they are both very good looking.
    Hope you are all well.

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