The images here were taken on a recent commission for The Tweed Project. In making the pictures my aim was more about capturing the spirit of The Tweed Project as opposed to just how the clothes looked on a model. In doing so it led me to thinking about the broader creative landscape in Ireland today. There is a pioneeering and innovative spirit inate in the Irish psyche. At our best – there is a rawness to our creativity, a truth and an honesty. The finest work is informed by an ownership of who we are, and an openess to allow that truth into the creative workflow. I see it here in the designs of The Tweed Project – a modern and imaginative vision – rooted in an appreciation of our tweed making past and the time and craftsmanship that is built in to that legacy. There is a poetry in it – a wild and ragged beauty – and indeed more than a little madness – that is totally our own. We need to hang on to that spirit of originality and puckishness – its always been in us – though our belief in it can sometimes wane in the face of global comparisons. I’m taking a huge liberty in paraphrasing Yeats below – and maybe I am only reading what I want to read into this – make of it what you will – I find it inspirational.

Irish poets, earn your trade,

Sing whatever is well made…

Cast your mind on other days

That we in coming days may be

Still the indomitable Irishry.

~ WB Yeats (Under Ben Bulben)













Shot on location at the Burren, Co. Clare

Models: Scott and Victoria

Styling: Triona Lillis

Clothes: The Tweed Project

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