I’m drawn to a pared down aesthetic. Clean lines, asperity, simplicity, economy, modesty, intimacy. All shades of grey, blacks, whites, dark tones and muted tones. Maybe it is in their held backness that I believe lies a greater depth. A richer tale. The Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer campaigns by Margaret Howell always delight me. Although the images are there to sell a product – they transcend mere advertisement pictures. To me they are beautiful portraits in and of themselves. A study in simplicity, beauty and integrity. For much the same reasons I love the biannual magazine The Gentlewoman. In its own words – it offers a fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion that’s focused on personal style. The way women actually look, think and dress.

Someday I would love to shoot for Margaret Howell. Someday I would love to shoot for The Gentlewoman.

The pictures here are from a collaboration with Savana. We wanted to get some portraits that would say – yes! this girl can model – yet at the same time portraits that reflect the essence of who she is. A beautiful girl. Inside and out. A gentle soul. A strong spirit. I tried to bring to the pictures the same spareness of the Margaret Howell imagery and the Gentlewoman imagery. Blacks and whites and greys. Pared down backdrops. Soft directional natural light. A reflection of the quiet strength that lies beneath this young girl’s natural beauty.

Someday maybe Savana will be modelling for Margaret Howell. Someday maybe she’ll be written about in The Gentlewoman.



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