Earlier this year I had the delightful task of photographing this little lady in Paris. A long way from her Oklahoma City home she sparkled and shone as bright as any Parisian lights. And Paris is not easily outshone. I heard these words recently which I think go a long way toward illuminating the splendor that is indeed Paris.

“How is anyone ever going to come up with a book or a painting or a symphony or a sculpture that can compete with this great city. You can’t. Because you look around and every street, every boulevard is its own special art form. And when you consider that in this cold, violent, meaningless universe that Paris exists, these lights,  I mean – come on! There’s nothing happening on Jupiter or Neptune but from way out in space you can see these lights, the cafes, the people drinking and singing. I mean for all we know – Paris is the hottest spot in the universe”

~ from Midnight In Paris

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  1. JoDee

    Doreen!! These made me laugh and cry! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for the detailed preparation, the energy while on the shoot, the beautiful editing– everything. It has come together just perfectly. I will always cherish these moments that you captured of my little girl in Paris!

  2. James

    These are sensational Doreen. What a great sense of Joie do Vivre about them!

  3. kirstin

    These are absolutely stunning, Doreen. She is quite the character and must have been such fun to photograph!

  4. francesca

    love every single one of them and the free spirit of this little princess. what a beautiful story is told thru these images. It is wonderful to see Jodee smiling with such pure joy. No one would’ve done better than Doreen.

  5. amy free

    Magical. Truly magical. I was transported to that lovely adventure you captured. Thank you for capturing her story to SHARE.

  6. ailin branagan

    stunning…beautiful…very moving..beautiful time captured with mother and daughter..a piece of their history to cherish and be loved for forever and ever…brilliant D XXXX