Every now and then I see a face that I am compelled to photograph. If I fail to react to that impulse I leave feeling a deep sense of lost opportunity. A very heightened awareness that I have missed something very special. And I so often do this. I walk away. Crippled with self doubt and rationalizations. I was not going to let it happen this time. Maybe its because I was in Brooklyn NY and feeling empowered, maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the glorious light that made me feel “you can’t fail here”. Maybe it was none of these reasons. I happened upon this bar in Brooklyn…and she was there…and the camera just had to come out.

I began writing this post as an homage of sorts to the romantic nature of little spots one can happen upon that carry a stage setting appeal. Evelyn Waugh’s low door in the wall, if you will. Places where time stands in parenthesis and all is illuminated.  And then I thought – who am I fooling – to hell with all the waxing lyrical about time and place – these pictures are owned by the girl.

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  1. elizabeth holder

    I just love these – love the “feel” the photos have – amazing as usual – hope your doing well – does it ever get warm here????

  2. Vera

    Wow. Just wow. I soooo get those words. Beautiful feeling to these images.

  3. Kay Maguire

    Doreen, these are gorgeous photos! You made a right decision, she reminds me of a series of photos I saw of a young sophia loren – great work as always 🙂

  4. Julianna

    Doreen , these are gorgeous ! I see faces I wish I could photograph all the time too , you have nudged me a little closer to having the nerve to actually do it sometime , thank you .

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