I took it upon myself to create this short series of pictures. It is a photo essay on the beautiful geometric nature of the Blackrock diving boards and their surrounds at Salthill, County Galway. The graphic form and lines of the place, and its minimal yet strong colour palette are a study in functionality, simplicity and beauty. The coastline along our west coast is a wild and a rugged one – for the most part stormy seas, rocky shores and roaring winds. When I consider the tension between the clean shapes, lines, forms of the these pictures – against the natural landscape I know to be its backdrop – it does something to me – inducing a pleasing yet delusional sense of creating order out of chaos.
Not for a moment comparing myself to – but merely owning where the inspiration came from – the pictures were taken with a nod to the great man that is Mr.Wes Anderson. The diving boards contain so many elements I see in his work – nostalgia, glorious colour palettes, symmetry, and of course that all important little piece of humour.
Big thanks to the wonderful Aoibheann McNamara of Ard Bia restaurant in Galway city. Her support and encouragement and enthusiasm were what got me  off my ass to go out and make this project happen. The series is being exhibited there over the summer months. And they are also for sale there! If you find yourself anywhere near Galway city – at any time of the year – drop in to Ard Bia for some top class food and visual delights.
Thank you to my boy and girl who stood in some of the pictures on what was a typically cold and miserable Monday afternoon in the West of Ireland in early summer.
Framed prints are available to purchase at Ard Bia. Or you can purchase prints here on my own online print shop – small beginnings  – but lets see how we go!

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  1. Podge Kelly

    Lovely images Doreen…you tell a beautiful story of the diving boards…I hope the exhibition goes well…P xx

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