The world will always welcome lovers…

Engagement shoots aren't really my bag. I think its a lovely idea - but I find it hard to get my head around being all loved up on purpose - to make pictures. As a photographer I cringe a little at the idea of being the one to coax and cajole a kiss or two. However - this particular shoot was nothing short of a delight. I literally didn't have to do a thing. No schmoozing - no coaxing and cajoling - a little direction re lighting and composition - and it all just…Read more →

In Search of Inspiration

I'm ready to be inspired, she said and I said that's not quite how it works, so instead we sat in the garden, breathing & watching the bees until she smiled quietly and said, I forget it's that simple. Brian Andreas ~ Story People It was Mark's idea - the bog cotton. His floral/botanical arrangements, always imbued with a sense of beauty uncontrived, are informed by the setting from whence they came. And so he suggested the fields of bog cotton in the Dublin mountains. We loaded up the car with blooms and foraged delights.…Read more →

Keeping the Dream Real

Rightly or wrongly, I’ve often thought the lot of a stylist must be a highly pressured one. That expectation to be always cool, always “on trend" (don’t you just hate that phrase) always artfully put together, always to be perfect...yet with a twist. Every event - from a Christmas party to having a few friends over for drinks - must always carry an added degree of pressure to be just that little bit edgier than the rest of us. The weight of all that coolness - the sheer Portlandia of it all. So,…Read more →