Starting and Finishing

September brings with it a great sense of starting over…a "this is how I mean to go on" energy. To this end I have launched into this mellowest of months with a determination to quicken my pace, to stay focused and to get stuff done. I'm a terrible wanderer downer of side roads and cul de sacs - which is all very well - and often much inspiration is garnered there. But with all that meandering comes a lingering sense of unfinished jobs piling up - and oh the stress that accompanies all…Read more →

She & Him

You might remember my friend Wendy - from the Bog Cotton shoot. The girl with the shop of beautifully curated goods. Well, she got married. To the sweetest boy alive. He plays the drums. In the coolest of bands. And the lead singer sang John Cale's Hanky Panky No How as Wendy walked up the aisle. The day was one of happiness and excitement tempered by a gentle and unhurried pace. It flowed. It sang. It danced. Each moment so very well lived in. Oh loveliest of days ~  Wendy & James on their…Read more →

One Year Later

May has to be one of my favourite months. Everything is flourishing in crazy abundance and the promise of three more months of long days and no school is too good to keep the smile from one's face. This time last year, almost to the day, the weather took a turn for the best. So again this year we headed for the park, armed with picnic, dog and camera. I noticed how this wall of purple Wisteria was almost identical to how it had been last year. So for comparisons sake I tried…Read more →