Diving In

I took it upon myself to create this short series of pictures. It is a photo essay on the beautiful geometric nature of the Blackrock diving boards and their surrounds at Salthill, County Galway. The graphic form and lines of the place, and its minimal yet strong colour palette are a study in functionality, simplicity and beauty. The coastline along our west coast is a wild and a rugged one - for the most part stormy seas, rocky shores and roaring winds. When I consider the tension between the clean shapes, lines, forms of…Read more →


I'm drawn to a pared down aesthetic. Clean lines, asperity, simplicity, economy, modesty, intimacy. All shades of grey, blacks, whites, dark tones and muted tones. Maybe it is in their held backness that I believe lies a greater depth. A richer tale. The Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer campaigns by Margaret Howell always delight me. Although the images are there to sell a product - they transcend mere advertisement pictures. To me they are beautiful portraits in and of themselves. A study in simplicity, beauty and integrity. For much the same reasons I love the biannual magazine The…Read more →

The world will always welcome lovers…

Engagement shoots aren't really my bag. I think its a lovely idea - but I find it hard to get my head around being all loved up on purpose - to make pictures. As a photographer I cringe a little at the idea of being the one to coax and cajole a kiss or two. However - this particular shoot was nothing short of a delight. I literally didn't have to do a thing. No schmoozing - no coaxing and cajoling - a little direction re lighting and composition - and it all just…Read more →