Diving In

I took it upon myself to create this short series of pictures. It is a photo essay on the beautiful geometric nature of the Blackrock diving boards and their surrounds at Salthill, County Galway. The graphic form and lines of the place, and its minimal yet strong colour palette are a study in functionality, simplicity and beauty. The coastline along our west coast is a wild and a rugged one - for the most part stormy seas, rocky shores and roaring winds. When I consider the tension between the clean shapes, lines, forms of…Read more →

The Things That Save Our Lives

I love beauty in photography. However there is a school of thought that photographs are not supposed to be beautiful. To be taken seriously they must have edge, darkness, ambiguity, grit, deeper meaning, complexity. I agree with much of this. And all these qualities are ones that I admire in the work of others. Indeed I aspire to it. But the pursuit of this has often left me feeling somewhat lightweight. That I'm not good enough.  That my pictures are never - well lets just say - they are never the opposite of beautiful.…Read more →

Sunday Morning

Not unlike the Room of Requirement - Sunday at my house becomes whatever it needs to be. There's rarely a plan. It just evolves. Often into nothing more than good coffee, a ramble, the odd picture or two, comfort food and a favourite episode of something on TV to chase away that elusive feeling of foreboding that hangs about a body of a Sunday.  I used to feel guilty about our lack of go go go come the seventh day. We never managed to coerce our kids onto the sports fields. Or rather…Read more →