Electric Picnic Revisited

Last year we took a family jaunt down to Ireland's answer to Glastonbury - the music festival known as Electric Picnic. A visual feast. An auditory delight. A sensory overload.  This year we decided to take a spin down again. As is the way when one revisits a first experience, I feared it would suffer by comparison. The boy and the girl, to begin with, a little less wide eyed this year. A little more "is this it? last year was better". But gradually the charm and the buzz  began to reinstate itself.…Read more →

Just Work With What You Got

For the most part I feel like a dilettante when it comes to photography. I don't have the nerve to call it my art. I don't think I ever will. Ricky Gervais, when asked about his art replied..."Yeah - I always worry about a fat little comedian from Reading even saying the word Art. That's how we're brought up in Britain isn't it - that we're worried about being pretentious or above our station..." And oh - please don't think I'm putting myself on the same stage as Ricky - but I get…Read more →