Last month I photographed this editorial piece for Image Interiors magazine. The brief was a mix up of textural atmospheric shots and pared back minimal shots. The former for a specific article within the magazine and the latter for use as chapter openers. Shooting still life makes a change from shooting human life. I love both. Maybe the one with the pulse has my heart a little more. It turns out - the location we shot in is up for rent. Such a place - beautiful directional light, all stone floors, wooden steps and old window casements.…Read more →

Sunday Morning

Not unlike the Room of Requirement - Sunday at my house becomes whatever it needs to be. There's rarely a plan. It just evolves. Often into nothing more than good coffee, a ramble, the odd picture or two, comfort food and a favourite episode of something on TV to chase away that elusive feeling of foreboding that hangs about a body of a Sunday.  I used to feel guilty about our lack of go go go come the seventh day. We never managed to coerce our kids onto the sports fields. Or rather…Read more →