The Tweed Project

The images here were taken on a recent commission for The Tweed Project. In making the pictures my aim was more about capturing the spirit of The Tweed Project as opposed to just how the clothes looked on a model. In doing so it led me to thinking about the broader creative landscape in Ireland today. There is a pioneeering and innovative spirit inate in the Irish psyche. At our best - there is a rawness to our creativity, a truth and an honesty. The finest work is informed by an ownership of who…Read more →

Sunday Morning

Not unlike the Room of Requirement - Sunday at my house becomes whatever it needs to be. There's rarely a plan. It just evolves. Often into nothing more than good coffee, a ramble, the odd picture or two, comfort food and a favourite episode of something on TV to chase away that elusive feeling of foreboding that hangs about a body of a Sunday.  I used to feel guilty about our lack of go go go come the seventh day. We never managed to coerce our kids onto the sports fields. Or rather…Read more →

In Search of Inspiration

I'm ready to be inspired, she said and I said that's not quite how it works, so instead we sat in the garden, breathing & watching the bees until she smiled quietly and said, I forget it's that simple. Brian Andreas ~ Story People It was Mark's idea - the bog cotton. His floral/botanical arrangements, always imbued with a sense of beauty uncontrived, are informed by the setting from whence they came. And so he suggested the fields of bog cotton in the Dublin mountains. We loaded up the car with blooms and foraged delights.…Read more →