Voices In My Head

It all began the morning I overheard the blue glazed urn chatting earnestly with the black and white trinket box…”doesn’t she think I’m beautiful?” it asked the box in a worried tone…and the trinket box replied in an offhand manner ”well…if she doesn’t notice me, with my remarkable monochrome marquetry…what chance has a cracked old urn got?”. Then the lead fireplace added loftily…”yes my dears, she passes me by everyday and never gives as much as a second glance at the glorious morning sunlight spilling across my splendid inlay”…and the old rocking horse looked up at her with baleful eyes and nodded in agreement…and so go the voices in my head! Something had to be done…so I went about my house with camera in hand…by the time I’d finished everything was turned upside down and nothing was where it was supposed to be…but at least the voices in my head are gone…for now!



  • leslie - Doreen,
    Your photography takes my breath away{deep sigh}. I am so inspired every time you post new pics. Thank you!

  • julianna - This is genius , I could sit and stare at it all day!

  • Mary Schannen - Oh Doreen, I just spent a good 15 minutes getting mesmerized by your beautiful photos and the music on this blog. Such wonderful moodiness to all of your work. You are a true artist! I’m so glad Ginny is working with you.

  • Jana - I have never seen pretties place! Beautiful things you have! Gorgeous photos!

  • amy free - You are so brilliant dearest. Truly brilliant and I’m so grateful to know that such an amazing woman is behind these images.

  • emily - you are magic doreen!

  • Podge Kelly - D…this is an Amazing body of work
    each one is better than the one before
    Time well spent…we always have to listen to the voices..

  • theresa/t does wool - I feel as though I am walking about with you..
    remembering the treasures as you tell the tale..
    beauty..surrounding you..
    memories, one can never take away my friend.x
    and the yarn ;)

  • allison - your images
    your words
    absolutely lovely

  • mark grehan - beautiful shots and the music is beautiful whom composed it or who is it by ?

  • admin - Thanks so much Mark – I’m glad you flagged this – I must credit this music directly into the post. Its from the soundtrack to Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice composed by Dario Marianelli and performed by Jean-Yves Thibaudet and the English Chamber Orchestra. You can find it on iTunes. This particular piece is called The Living Sculptures of Pemberley. Another beautiful piece on the soundtrack is Dawn – well worth the listen.

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