I'm drawn to a pared down aesthetic. Clean lines, asperity, simplicity, economy, modesty, intimacy. All shades of grey, blacks, whites, dark tones and muted tones. Maybe it is in their held backness that I believe lies a greater depth. A richer tale. The Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer campaigns by Margaret Howell always delight me. Although the images are there to sell a product - they transcend mere advertisement pictures. To me they are beautiful portraits in and of themselves. A study in simplicity, beauty and integrity. For much the same reasons I love the biannual magazine The…Read more →

Starting and Finishing

September brings with it a great sense of starting over…a "this is how I mean to go on" energy. To this end I have launched into this mellowest of months with a determination to quicken my pace, to stay focused and to get stuff done. I'm a terrible wanderer downer of side roads and cul de sacs - which is all very well - and often much inspiration is garnered there. But with all that meandering comes a lingering sense of unfinished jobs piling up - and oh the stress that accompanies all…Read more →