The Things That Save Our Lives

I love beauty in photography. However there is a school of thought that photographs are not supposed to be beautiful. To be taken seriously they must have edge, darkness, ambiguity, grit, deeper meaning, complexity. I agree with much of this. And all these qualities are ones that I admire in the work of others. Indeed I aspire to it. But the pursuit of this has often left me feeling somewhat lightweight. That I'm not good enough.  That my pictures are never - well lets just say - they are never the opposite of beautiful.…Read more →

She & Him

You might remember my friend Wendy - from the Bog Cotton shoot. The girl with the shop of beautifully curated goods. Well, she got married. To the sweetest boy alive. He plays the drums. In the coolest of bands. And the lead singer sang John Cale's Hanky Panky No How as Wendy walked up the aisle. The day was one of happiness and excitement tempered by a gentle and unhurried pace. It flowed. It sang. It danced. Each moment so very well lived in. Oh loveliest of days ~  Wendy & James on their…Read more →